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Book on Subang Jaya maid who escaped hangman
Naveen Mathew Menon

Vijayandran signing autographs for fans who bought his book No Intention To Kill.

PETALING JAYA: The true story of an Indonesian maid who narrowly escaped the gallows has been turned into an interesting book by the lawyer who defended her.

The book, No Intention To Kill is written by lawyer T. Vijayandran.
It was launched on Sunday at the State cineplex by member of parliament Karpal Singh.
No Intention To Kill is the poignant story of an Indonesian teenager who thought the grass was greener in Malaysia and came in search of a better tomorrow only to find pain and suffering.

Herlina Tris Nawati ended up behind prison walls, staring death in the face after she was originally found guilty of killing her employer in Subang Jaya.
The many twists and turns in the legal battle ended when her sentence was reduced to 10 years in prison for causing grievous hurt to her employer.

The court found that it was neither murder nor manslaughter.
It was proved that she had no intention to kill. After an automatic remission in her sentence, she walked out of prison free after serving seven years.
At the launch, Karpal said: "The book is an effort that ought to be emulated by all other lawyers. The mundane proceedings in court have been given life today.
"The book is very compulsive and engaging. Once you start reading it, you want to go to the end of it," he said.
Vijayandran said the book was his first effort at writing and he had wanted to write a book since his primary school days.
He wrote No Intention To Kill in a month.
He added that he wrote about the trial because he was so involved in this case and had never before represented anyone younger than 18.
Present at the launch were members of the Indonesian embassy, Hendon Mohamed, past president of the Bar Council of Malaysia, businessmen and relatives and friends of Vijayandran.
The author said he planned to sell his book in Indonesia where the case garnered wide interest.