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Book on Subang Jaya maid who escaped hangman
Naveen Mathew Menon

Vijayandran signing autographs for fans who bought his book No Intention To Kill.

PETALING JAYA: The true story of an Indonesian maid who narrowly escaped the gallows has been turned into an interesting book by the lawyer who defended her.

The book, No Intention To Kill is written by lawyer T. Vijayandran.
It was launched on Sunday at the State cineplex by member of parliament Karpal Singh.
No Intention To Kill is the poignant story of an Indonesian teenager who thought the grass was greener in Malaysia and came in search of a better tomorrow only to find pain and suffering.

Herlina Tris Nawati ended up behind prison walls, staring death in the face after she was originally found guilty of killing her employer in Subang Jaya.
The many twists and turns in the legal battle ended when her sentence was reduced to 10 years in prison for causing grievous hurt to her employer.

The court found that it was neither murder nor manslaughter.
It was proved that she had no intention to kill. After an automatic remission in her sentence, she walked out of prison free after serving seven years.
At the launch, Karpal said: "The book is an effort that ought to be emulated by all other lawyers. The mundane proceedings in court have been given life today.
"The book is very compulsive and engaging. Once you start reading it, you want to go to the end of it," he said.
Vijayandran said the book was his first effort at writing and he had wanted to write a book since his primary school days.
He wrote No Intention To Kill in a month.
He added that he wrote about the trial because he was so involved in this case and had never before represented anyone younger than 18.
Present at the launch were members of the Indonesian embassy, Hendon Mohamed, past president of the Bar Council of Malaysia, businessmen and relatives and friends of Vijayandran.
The author said he planned to sell his book in Indonesia where the case garnered wide interest.

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Book Launch

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The book was launched on Sunday 1 June 2008. It is now available in all bookstores nationwide.
The price of the book is RM39.90..To order the book please send your name and address together with your cheque payable to "T.Vijayandran" at Suite B11, 1st Floor, Plaza Pekeliling, No 2, Jln Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur. Tel 0340436722, Fax 0340436725


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A valiant effort to give flesh, blood and spirit to otherwise mundane proceedings in the courts of Law in the country. Vijayandran has provided a novel for the legal profession and the public at large. Compulsive reading in the form of “NO INTENTION TO KILL.” It is hoped that other legal practioners will follow Vijayandran’s fine example.
YB. Karpal Singh, Advocate and Solicitor and Member of Parliament Malaysia

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. This is most evident in T.Vijayandran’s “No Intention To Kill”, a potential best-seller, which offers an extraordinary narrative of the experiences of a young woman from Indonesia whose dream of a better future in Malaysia was shattered by an act beyond her control. The unpremeditated murder of her employer-the darkest hour in her life-placed the 18 year old at the mercy of a judicial system totally alien to her. In a vivid account that promises to keep the reader spell-bound until the last page, T.Vijayandran presents the salient aspects of her 7 year legal battle from a professional perspective that is never short of the emotion that lawyers inevitably face when a life is on the line. Besides its obvious appeal to the layman, this book is surely headed towards law libraries worldwide because of the legal manouevres employed by an astute lawyer to save his client from the gallows. This is a true legal classic that will appeal to many-always.

Balan Moses, Deputy Chief News Editor, New Straits Times, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and author of “Brickfields: A Place, A Time, A Memory”

This is a sad tale of a migrant working hoping to find her pot of gold in Malaysia but finding horror and hardship instead. The stresses of cultural and personal conflicts in one household had destroyed the lives of many members of two families. Many who have read the account of this incident in the press will be grateful to Vijayandran for putting a human face to the people involved in case and a human touch to the anguish they experienced. I highly recommend this book for those who are interested in the forensic aspects of a murder trial and also in the personal drama that goes along with it.

Lee Min Choon, Advocate and Solicitor and author of "Freedom of Religion in Malaysia"

Amidst the legal intricacies,, this narrative tells much of what transpired behind the Court scenes and the normally unspoken (and unspeakable) trauma of the person in whose hands lie the fate of the accused. For those unintiated with the heartache and the pain of handling cases such as this, the thread of human concern and compassion that run throughout the whole story should become very obvious even before the book is finished.Vijayandran has done a highly commendable job. Hendon Mohamed, Advocate and Solicitor, Past President of Bar Council Malaysia

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